Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Anne (my sister-in-law/friend/photo companion) recently got Photoshop Elements to edit some her pictures. I would say that every single photo you see from a photographer has had some type of processing done on it. After we were done getting some shots of flowers we headed back to her house to show her some of what I do in Photoshop. I have watched tutorial after tutorial and am completely self taught in Photoshop. And that being said, I am no expert and learn something new every time I read or watch a new tutorial. But I remember how overwhelmed I was the first time I opened up the program so I knew how she was feeling. And wanted to show her where to look to learn. 

When I got home and started to learn about processing for floral photos I ventured into the world of textures. And I might have fallen in love a little bit. Actually a lot bit as my three year old would say. It really does transform a photo. I wanted to show a before and after to see where a photo starts to where it ends as the final photo. On this photo I used an action from Coffeeshop Blog called Vintage Blush that adds a soft pink tone and haze to the photo. Then added a texture from Shadowhouse Creations along with cropping and basic color enhancements. 

I love how the photo ended. It went from a photograph to looking more like art work!

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