Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quinn {One Year}

It has been a year since Miss Quinn made her entrance into this awesome family. She is the niece of one of my good friends and she also shares my mom's birthday. But most importantly she shares her Grandma's birthday as well. She is just all around special and I was there to celebrate and show off what a big girl she is!

One of my favorite photos I have taken this year so far is Quinn and her best friend, Chester the cat. These two snuggled together and I was just lucky enough to be there for their sweet moment. Her mom said they are the best of friends and spend anytime they can get cuddling together. I know it will be one of my favorites for a long time to come.

a year later....

Monday, February 17, 2014

Laikyn {Newborn}

I have had the joy of photographing this family twice before they added this little beauty to the group. It is always a time for celebration and excitement when a new baby is born. There are people all around to join in the excitement. Grandma and grandpa were visiting along with their aunt who stepped in to keep big brother entertained. You can always feel how much love and support is around a new baby. You can hear the words of encouragement but more than anything you can see it when they look at the newest member of their family.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bruce {One Year}

One of my biggest joys of my photography is getting the opportunity to give my friends photos of their babes and even some of them together. We blink and our kids are almost to heavy to carry and have no interest in cuddling at bedtime. When I can give my friends and clients photos of them loving on their littles it makes me smile.

Bruce decided on a birthday a little earlier than everyone expected but in his first year has grown and blossomed into a toddler almost able to keep up with his older brother and sister. Even as he grows into a independent and able toddler, he still fits so perfectly in his momma's lap and is ready to cuddle anytime there is time in a busy day.

Greenwood Park & The Rose Garden {Location}

This is one of the most beautiful parks in my opinion, especially when all the roses are in bloom. There is also tall mature trees, a path that winds through the park, and large stone eggs to sit in that make for an interesting backdrop. I have been to two weddings at the rose garden and they are still the most beautiful that I have ever seen. That being said, when the roses are in bloom there is always a wedding to contend with. It is doable but brides always come first (it is their wedding day after all) so if you don’t want to have to work around them or wait for the perfect spot go on a week day evening or Sunday! It is worth the flexible schedule or the wait.