Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photo Swap

 Several years ago now I was in the same training class at an office job as Mrs. P and who knew that in just a few years we would both be stay at home mom's to multiple kiddos each when at the time we each only had one. And mine wasn't even born yet!!

The other thing we both didn't know at the time was that we both loved photography. We ended up chatting one night about how we both really loved photography. We got to talking about wanting to start taking photos for other families and around the same time we both did just that! We chat often about photography and/or mom stuff and that is what brought us to the photo swap. I take hers.. she takes mine... and then there is proof that all of these children have a mother!! (Since we are rarely not behind the camera!)

She went first.. which put the pressure on because ours turned out incredible!! And I loved that she wanted to do a funky shoot downtown in front of a brick warehouse building! The building was funky, the outfits were colorful, both fit their family perfectly!

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  1. This worked out great! Definitely needs to be an annual thing! I am loving all of the images and truly appreciate you being so willing to do the photo swap with us. :) Who knew that 4 1/2 years ago when we met we'd be where we are today with our families and still taking the same career paths as mommies/photographers! So grateful for our friendship, Jamie! Thank you thank you!