Sunday, April 27, 2014

Azile {First Birthday}

In the last year or so I have had the privileged of photographing a few first birthday parties for families that I have photographed from maternity, newborn, through their first year. To see their first year come to an end and be able to document is so perfect. I love watching babies change and grow and get personalities and it all comes together at their birthday party.

Azile was surrounded by family and friends that absolutely adore her. She had so much cake to eat, kisses to receive, and gifts to open that she was one happy camper. Her parents made a beautiful party with decorations, treats, and an awesome cake. A cake that looked just as cute all torn apart and smeared on baby cheeks as it did put together.

Azile, I hope your second year is as successful as your first. I look forward to chase after you on photo shoots as your steps turn to runs and have you make me laugh with your adorable one year old thoughts that are soon to come.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Paislee {One Year}

 Paislee is a spunky little sister who thinks her sister is hilarious. Anytime I hear from her mom I know they will be all dolled up and I will get some of my favorite photos. It happens every time. We tried a different look this time around, going downtown rather than to a park. No matter where Paislee is her sweet smile and sparkly eyes stand out. I can't wait to get to photograph them again. And again. And again. :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baby Grace {4 days new}

 Practical was out the door and anything princess, pink, glitter, and all things very girl moved in. Our good friends welcomed their baby girl and I was so lucky to be the one asked to photograph her. She is perfect in every way. Welcome to the world baby Grace!