Sunday, February 12, 2012

TJ and the Hilarious Zucchini

 Little TJ is turning one in just a couple weeks, but that isn't what he is so happy about. He is happy that he is free form his brace he wore from four months on that covered him from his chest down to his feet. He can now wiggle and squirm and roll and sit and dance. He is learning what these things called legs are all about and loving every minute of it. 

My favorite thing about our photo shoot today was ZUCCHINI!! No, we didn't eat zucchini or use them in any photos, but this little guy will crack up at the word alone. If you say "zucchini" he will go into a fit of laughter. He could hardly contain himself as his dad, mom, and myself were all yelling zucchini. He was such a fun little guy to spend time with this morning!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dressed To Impress

 The last time we took photos of Bryson it was a leisurely afternoon in the park. Today he was dressed up and ready to show off his look. He was also up and running which kept me moving the whole time. A little different than last time when he was just learning how to take his first steps.  He is such a cutie pie that sure does love his chapstick!!