About Me

I have always been known as the girl with the camera snapping photos all the time. Nothing has ever changed except I love it more now than I ever have before. It has always been a hobby. To build on my passion for photography I set out to learn more about the art. I have done so through practice, schooling, and reading book after book. Recently I have been lucky enough to begin capturing special moments for others as I do for my own family. I love to catch the moments that nobody knows I am snapping away. Those are the moments when the smiles are genuine and the expressions are natural. Photos should reflect who you are, not to document what you looked like at a point in time. A photo should make you smile, tear up, or laugh; a photo should make you reminisce.
I love to give people the photos that will do just that.

I don't work in a studio or with fancy lighting equipment. We will take photos at a location of your choice or even at your house. Wherever you will feel at home. Then I will get to explore what amazing pictures were captured and select only the best for you to enjoy and share.