Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In Your Home {Location}

I always photograph newborns in clients homes and on occasion I have done photos of kids under one in their home as well. These photos are more casual and lifestyle than you would get from going to an outdoor location of your choice. The benefits of using your home is the photos are more personal and are a way to remember your family home. These photos are best done when it is bright inside since all the light that is used is natural light coming from windows. I mainly use nurseries, master bedrooms, and near the largest windows. You will come away with less posed family photos and more individual portraits of the kids. Here are some examples.

That Special Place {Location}

If you have a favorite spot your family spends time it would be a great place to have in your photos. When the location is as special as the people in the photos it is always adds more to your session. Here are some examples.

On their family property

Using a bench he made by hand! 

In Grandpa's backyard where they spend time as a family.

In the apple orchard that is on their property in Cummings that they share with his parents. 

Botanical Center {Location}

If you need an indoor option many know and head for the botanical center. It is full of greenery year around. You will find flowers, benches, staircases, and stone bridges to use for your photos. If we can get outdoors I always prefer that but in a pinch the botanical center works wonders.  They are remodeling the outside of the botanical center so I am looking forward to more photo locations to come.

MacRae Park {Location}

 MacRae park is on a big hill that overlooks downtown. It has the most beautiful colors in the fall! It isn't a huge park but if you want nature, tall grasses and mature trees it is a perfect place to meet for photos. The benefit of a small park is it usually isn't crowded (I can't remember a time I wasn't the only one there) and it isn't much walking for littles who get tired easily. The photo overlooking downtown is a popular shot and is beautiful, but works better at sunset than it does for morning sessions!

Valley Junction {Location}

 It is a downtown that is a little smaller and with plenty of options. There are benches, trees, metal staircases, brick and colorfully painted walls, and a wall made of tin. It offers variety to the fullest. And if your little is a train enthusiast they will love the big train caboose at the entrance.