Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby Jack

I met Paisley when she was about three weeks old. She is just a little peanut at about 7lbs and once she fell fast asleep curled up into the cutest photos.

Wignall Family

A certain spunky three year old just got a new little brother. Ryder has been friends with my son since one year old and they have a new little addition to the family. Only time will tell if he will be able to keep up with his big brother.

Williams Family

It is always fun to photograph people that feel comfortable with you. Who better than family for that?! This is my uncle and his family along with his mother-in-law Rose. The kids stopped texting and video gaming for an hour or so to get some shots with their parents and grandma. I hope my boys let me do a family photo when they are teenagers!!

Big Happy Family

Every Christmas the White family have all the cousins take a big photo for their grandparents. This year was a wintery wonderland photo. There wasn't any snow on the ground but it was plenty cold outside. We got a few shots outside before we went in and warmed up. Luckily there was a beautiful stone wall next to a window that we got to take advantage of!

Bennett Boys

These two boys wanted to get all the good photos out of the way and get to having some fun. They specifically requested me to photograph them having a leaf fight and wrestling. It was funny but we had to make a compromise. I told them that we had to get some smiles in before all the fun. Once we were finished up they were only worried if I got any good ones of them playing!!

Bryant Family

With two adorable girls in the family a new family photo was needed this holiday season. Christmas is such a pretty season with the trees, lights, and bows. That made for a perfect backdrop for the Bryant family. 

Friday, November 4, 2011


 Sometimes we dress our little ones in fancy clothes and get special hair cuts for photo day. We tell them to not play in dirt to keep their face clean and to not make that silly face. 

I say play in dirt and make that silly face. I think shaggy hair looks adorable and no clothes is better than fancy ones. Often my favorite photos are when I am not trying to get the perfect photo. Tonight I was dressing my littlest for bed and put some warm socks under his pajamas since it is going to get a little chilly here in the midwest. I looked down and saw the cutest, chubbiest little legs I have ever seen. 
Simple is best. Simple is usually what is real.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baby Bump

 I was lucky to be asked to do photos of a friend and her growing belly. She is 29 weeks and is glowing and so excited. We were able to capture some photos that will help them remember this time that is so exciting but is gone so quickly.

This was my first maternity shoot and I am completely in love. It was so fun to work with Emily and Ben. I absolutely can not wait until I get to do more belly bump photos. Being around a happy, pregnant lady made me miss being pregnant myself. If I took belly photos everyday I would probably try to talk my own husband into a third little one!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Leslie Family

 I met the Leslie family for some family photos this evening and boy did I get a workout! Three kiddos 4 and under kept me running at full speed pretty much the whole time. But I would run all day to get photos as perfect as these!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Kids being Kids

I sat on a blanket with my camera in a yard covered with golden leaves yesterday watching kids just being kids. 

There was playing in the leaves

Bright colored chew toys

A little bit of pouting

Roaring like a dinosaur

Being an artist

Falling down with a smile

Toting around the necessities

Eating leaves before mom sees..

Talking to your best friend on the phone, kind of..

Watching the world while standing on your head

Laying back and watching leaves fall to the ground

and enjoying the breeze

Have you acted like a kid lately?

It is so much fun to watch kids be kids and get to see it all over again in photos. Here are some more of my favorites from my day. 

 These eyes could brighten anyone's day