Here is all the information I am sure you are wanting to know... 

How much does it cost?
 I believe everyone deserves to have great photos of their families. I want to make this possible.
  Contact me for exact amounts. 

What do I get after the shoot?
We no longer live in a world where the only thing you do with photos is print and hang on your wall. We share our photos online through websites, social media, and email. To make this possible I will give you a CD with your photos to be able to share any way you choose.

Where can I print them?
With the CD you will be able to print anywhere you would like. If you would like them professionally printed I can get that information for you. The difference is worth it.

What if I loose my CD?
The first thing I would recommend is to back it up on your computer or on another CD to avoid this. Due storage limits I can't keep your photos for you, so please be careful with your CD.

What should I wear?
 Classic and comfortable.