Wednesday, October 23, 2013


This family are friends of friends and we have met them several times in different gatherings our friends put together. When I got the email from her that they wanted to set up a session I was ecstatic. I'm admitting something here...

Sometimes when I meet a family that is so beautiful and so obviously in love with each other I cross my fingers that someday they will ask me to photograph their family. True story.

In this case all my finger crossing came true. They are the perfect combination of adorable, beautiful, silly, and in love. They tried to say they were awkward in front of the camera. Then in the following ten minutes I was able to capture at least 50 completely not awkward, perfectly natural photos of them. I kept taking photos for another 45 minutes just because it was so much fun.

Then if it couldn't get better, sweet Payton gave me a high five on the way out and didn't want to go home...

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