Thursday, August 25, 2016

Location: Western Gateway/Meredith

The area surrounding the Meredith Corp building is beautiful, especially during fall when the tree lined streets are brilliantly red. In spring this spot has path line with Azalea's that bloom bright pink and purple. The lawn is always well taken care of and has a really neat wavy block wall on one side. Along the other side is a wrought iron fence, another lawn with tall plants and bright red trees. It is just across the street from the sculpture park which is awesome at sunset atop the big hill. There is some light walking in this location and parking is at the meters. This area has been busier lately with the popularity of the Pokemon game and food trucks.

Location: Riverwalk

 The riverwalk has been beautifully redone over recent years. There is new and old, color, and plenty of greenery. This location is fun for kids to explore but it is downtown so there is some walking involved. We don't have to walk to hit all the spots but will want to walk some to get a variety for your images. Can work for any season and morning and sunset are all fine in this location. During summer this location can be busy at sunset on Friday and Saturday nights since it being so close to Court Ave.

Location: Judicial Building

 This location is just across the street from the Capitol on top of a hill overlooking downtown. The building is a bright gold color and very grand looking. Surrounding the building is plenty of lawn for the kids to run and a  really cool sculpture that stands out in pictures! What to know about this location? As this is a government building you have to make sure to follow any posted rules. If you don't they have no problems asking you to photograph elsewhere!

Location: World Food Prize

 The World Food Prize building is the old central library building downtown. They have beautiful manicured lawns and paths. The building is right next to the river walk so you can use any of the benches, tree lined sidewalks, and other architecture in the area. The World Food Prize is lined with a short wrought iron fence and overlooks downtown.

Things to know about this area. It has been growing in popularity for other photogs so you may not be the only one there. It is important for all of us to stay on the paths and be respectful of the plants so they don't revoke the privilege of using the area. They spend a lot of time and money keeping it beautifully manicured!

Location: Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is behind the art center and is one of the prettiest locations in town. It is filled with roses during the summer, they usually bloom around June 15th or so. Other times of year you can photograph with the stone pathways, winding walkways through mature trees, or in the large stone sculptures that resemble eggs in the lawn. The trees are very colorful in the fall and in late fall or early winter when most of the leaves have fallen there are large evergreen trees to add a bit of color to your photos. This park usually isn't too busy besides in fall when the trees are at their peak and summer weddings on Saturdays when the roses are in bloom.